FoxAcademy: Cyber Crisis Management


The threat of a cyber crisis is a concern for most IT security managers and directors – with famous security breaches serving as reminders of the worst-case scenarios.
However, not all cyber crises are equally devastating – their severity often depends on how prepared you are and how well you react. So how can we reduce the impact of a security breach or a data leak?
Understanding common cyber threats and trying to assess the ones that are a threat to your organisation in particular is one of the first important steps – as is knowing how to respond to an incident.

Our Approach

To help you minimise the damage of a potential security breach, FortConsult and Fox-IT invite you to a course that will help you understand the anatomy of a cyber crisis. We will cover different threat types and actors, incident response strategies, and the most important DOs and DON’Ts during a crisis.


  •  Learn basic forensic principles
  • Learn the most common cyber terms
  • Understand various and the most recent cyber threats
  • Understand the types of threat actors and their motives
  • Learn to prepare for a cyber incident
  • Learn to set priorities during a cyber crisis

Participate if you are

This training is designed for people that are responsible for taking action during a cyber crisis – at a management and operational level. Technical background is not necessary, and you are welcome to bring all of your crisis management and/or incident response team.

  • Basic forensics principles
  • Forensic readiness
  • The Kill Chain and common threats
  • The Incident Response process
  • Different respond crisis strategies