Speed Up Your Selenium Tests: Test Data Preparation With Rest API

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Course overview:

Performance is one of the main painful areas of UI test suits. Usually, engineers trying to login, logout, navigate, create data, execute an action from the UI via Selenium, then, in the end, performing test assertions. This creates serious performance issue for the Selenium suite and makes Selenium tests more brittle. We could face less problems if the test data creation and deletion will be done before UI test will start the run. This will help to create independent tests later to be able to run them in parallel.


The main goal of this workshop is to introduce a plan and cation to help engineers crate automation tests that are fully automated and ready run them without any effort fast and efficient, as well as have a possibility to run each test independently and parallel.

Target audience

Everybody who loves automation and wants to improve his/her existing suite to make it fast, efficient and independent. Java, API, Selenium WebDriver knowledge is highly preferred.

Technical requirements


  • Java
  • Postman
  • Maven
  • IntelliJ IDEA Community version

Technical knowledge:

  • Java
  • Basic knowledge of API and Postmen,
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Maven
  • Docker basics

Duration: 1 day


  • 1 How to design the framework to be able to use HTTP requests
  • 2 How to create Test Data before test and clean up after test without UI actions
  • 3 Practical example how to use HTTP lib from the Java code
  • 4 Maintaining HTTP responses
  • 5 How to store login info in browser to avoid logging in from UI
  • 6 Best practices of Selenium WebDriver