Oracle Application Express – Workshop l

This level 1 course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Application Express (APEX)

We recommend a basic knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL
Introducing Application Express
  • What is Application Express(APEX)
  • Benefits of APEX
  • History of APEX
  • Architecture Overview – logical and physical
  • APEX Repository Overview
  • Out of the box development features
  • SQL Developer and APEX
  • Building integrated applications
  • Integrating APEX & BI Publisher

Getting Started with Application Express

  • What is a Workspace?
  • Different types of APEX users
  • How to access APEX
  • Application Express Components
  • What is an Application?
  • What is a Packaged Application?

Working with the SQL Workshop

  • What is SQL Workshop?
  • Browsing, creating and modifying objects
  • Processing ad hoc SQL and PL/SQL statements
  • Managing scripts
  • Using the Utilities

Creating a Database Application

  • Types of Application
  • Components of an application
  • Application Builder Home Page
  • An Application’s Home Page
  • Page Definition
  • Creating an application from scratch
  • Creating an application from a spreadsheet

Creating Forms

  • Different Types of Forms
  • Creating Forms based on a Table or a View
  • Running the Page and the Developer Toolbar
  • Page Definition
  • Creating Tabular Forms
  • Creating Master-Detail Forms

Creating Reports

  • Types of Reports
  • Creating Wizard Reports
  • Linking a Report to a Form
  • Creating SQL or Classic Reports
  • Creating Interactive Reports

Understanding Pages and Regions

  • What is a Page in APEX?
  • Different Sections of a Page
  • Page Rendering
  • Page Processing
  • Shared Components
  • Page Attributes
  • What is a Region?
  • Lists, Breadcrumbs and Calendar Regions
  • Positioning Regions

Working with Items & Buttons

  • Types of Items (Text, Text Area, Checkbox, Select List, Radio Group etc.)
  • Types of Buttons
  • Creating a Report Filter

Page Processing

  • Types of Page Processing
  • Types of Computations
  • Types of Processes
  • Types of Validations
  • Types of Branches

Understanding Session State

  • Understanding Sessions
  • Session IDs and APEX URLs
  • What is Session State?
  • Viewing Session State
  • Referencing Session State in your Application
  • In-built Substitution Variables
  • f?p syntax example

Working with Shared Components

  • What is a Shared Component?
  • Types of Shared Components
  • What are List of Values (LOVs)?
  • Creating Cascading LOVs
  • Uploading and Referencing Images
  • Application Items, Computations and Processing
  • Creating Tabs

Themes and Templates

  • Understanding Themes
  • Switching Themes
  • Changing Theme Defaults
  • Understanding Templates in APEX
  • Understanding CSS in APEX
  • How to incorporate your own look and feel by customizing themes, templates & CSS

Oracle APEX Workspace Administration

  • Workspace Administration Topics
  • Manage Services
  • Manage Users and Groups
  • Monitor Activity
  • Dashboards
  • Workspace Utilization
  • Feedback Form
  • Team Development

APEX Security Features

  • Understanding the Security Options in APEX
  • Creating Custom Authentication
  • Understanding Authorization – Access Control Page
  • Session State Protection.

Packaging & Deploying Applications

  • Understanding Different Deployment Options
  • Exporting an Application
  • Including Supporting Objects
  • Importing and Installing an Application
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