Mastering Microsoft Teams Voice


This course covers Administration of Microsoft Teams Voice features. Delegates will learn the following including hands on labs;

  • Office 365 Teams Voice Features and Functionality
  • Office 365 Teams Voice planning and connectivity options
  • Office 365 Teams Phone Numbers
  • Office 365 Teams Call Routing and Dial Plans
  • Office 365 Teams Emergency Calling
  • Office 365 Teams Direct Routing



Delegates should have experience in the management and administration of Microsoft Teams. Whilst experience with VOIP/Telephony systems would be a benefit it is not a requirement. Note this course is for people involved in Microsoft Teams Administration, not end users.

Whilst this is not a PowerShell course, as PowerShell is one of the core administrative tools within Microsoft 365 products – there will be PowerShell steps referenced within the course and used in the labs. Where PowerShell is used in the labs students can either copy and paste the instructions, or in most exercises use a GUI alternative method (though sometimes a GUI alternative is not available). A high level understanding of what PowerShell is would be very beneficial, but not absolutely essential for this course.

Instructors will demonstrate features throughout the event. Optional Lab exercises are available for students to complete within a delegate created free trial tenancy. Microsoft may require a valid credit card to create 30 day free tenancies which must be cancelled within 30 days to avoid incurring charges. QA have no control over the Microsoft 365 trial tenancy signup or billing process.



Module 1: Overview of voice features

  • Overview of functions and features

      Lab 1 – Setup 365 tenant

Module 2: Connectivity Options and Licensing

  • Connectivity
  • Calling Plans
  • Direct Routing
  • Operator Connect
  • Licensing

      Lab 2 – Calling Plan trial

Module 3: Phone Numbers

  • Phone Number Types
  • Emergency Addresses
  • Obtaining Phone Numbers
  • Assigning Phone Numbers

      Lab 3 – Obtain and Assign Phone Numbers

Module 4: Call Routing

  • Dial Plans
  • Call Routing
  • Location Based Routing
  • Reporting Labels

      Lab 4 – Dial Plans and reporting labels

Module 5: Emergency Calling

  • Dynamic Emergency Calling
  • Network Settings
  • Emergency Calling Policies
  • Assigning Emergency Policies
  • Emergency Call Routing Policies
  • Location Information Service (LIS)

      Lab 5 – Location Based Routing and Dynamic Emergency Calling

Module 6: Direct Routing

  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • License Requirements
  • Configure Direct Routing