DevOps Puppet Essentials – DevOps

Puppet Essentials – DevOps

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This course provides the necessary skills and techniques to install Puppet Master and Agent in order to carry out configuration management effectively.
The course is presented as a mixture of lectures and hands-on exercises.
Exercises are provided for both the Enterprise and Open Source versions of Puppet.


  • Experience in using the command line
  • Some familiarity with Linux (or similar) concepts
  • Experience with a text editor such as vi
  • A basic understanding of services and host file entries

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Install and configure Puppet Enterprise
  • Install and configure Puppet Agent
  • Describe the key components of Puppet including Hiera and Facter
  • Write classes comprising desired resources for a node
  • Test their Puppet configurations
  • Use Puppet to configure multiple web servers
  • Introduction to Configuration Management
  • Puppet Overview
  • Puppet Components
  • Managing assets with Git
  • Resources and Providers
  • Modules and Classes
  • Using Puppet Without a Master
  • Deploying Your Code to the Puppet Master
  • Testing Puppet
  • Using Puppet Forge
  • Classification
  • Environments
  • Live management
  • ERB templates
  • Resources in depth
  • Resource relationships
  • DSL – Domain Specific Language
  • Parametrised types
  • Defined resource types
  • Hiera
  • PuppetDB
  • Troubleshooting
  • Puppet Best Practices
  • Other Configuration Management Tools
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