The course is accredited BY APM Group Ltd. This is a workshop with practical exercises afterwhich a candidate can sit Practitioner PRINCE2® examination.This course has been accredited by the APMG who are the examining body for PRINCE2® andare responsible for all aspects of the provision of exams including setting, marking, feedbackand appeals. PRINCE2® is a trademark of Office of Government Commerce registrered in UK and othercountries

Purpose of the training

To improve foundation knowledge of PRINCE2® to practical skills which lead to the success inPRINCE2® Practitioner examination.The Practitioner exam is designed to test your understanding of the basic concepts ofPRINCE2®. This is a 2½-hour, open-book, Objective Test consisting of 9 equally weightedquestions (all of which must be answered) on a given, unseen scenario. You must get 55% ofthe marks in order to pass. This exam is taken on day 2 of the course. The types of questionthat you will complete include multiple choice, confirming if statements made about thescenario are correct or not, placing proposed options into the sequence suggested by thePRINCE2® method, and stating whether assertions made about the scenario match withreasons provided to explain the assertion.

Who should attend

The course and exam is for the owners of PRINCE2® Foundation certificate. It is highlyrecommended for those who will be appointed Project Manager and Team Manager roles inprojects managed with PRINCE2®.

Initial requirements for the candidates

PRINCE2® Foundation certificate owners. Two weeks before the meeting in the classroom thecandidates are sent a pre-course work that may contribute to the success during the exam

Classroom course days: 2

Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • Guidance on Practitioner exam
  • Product Based Planning – exercise
  • Configuration Item Record - exercise
  • Configuration Management – exercise
  • Mock exam 1
  • Exam debrief
  • Homework exercises:
  • Work Package
  • Managing Product Delivery
  • Quality Register
  • Mock exam 2

Day 2:

  • Homework debrief
  • Open Management Education Center
  • Reducing project scope – exercise
  • Progress – exercise
  • Risk analysing – exercise
  • Premature closure of a project – exercise
  • PRINCE2®
  • Practitioner examination

Prince 2 Practitioner

Informacija apie kursą

Kursų pradžia: 2014-06-05
Kursų pabaiga: 2014-06-06
Minimalus dalyvių skaičius 6
Kaina dalyviui, Lt 4,000
Trukmė 2 d.
Statusas Patvirtintas
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PRINCE 2 Practitioner



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